Hand free pump bra

The You!-Lingerie’s hand free pump bra is perfect like Swing, Swing maxi, Freestyle and Symphony and  maternity pajamas  . The hands pumping bra is made of a nylon/spandex mix and seam free innovation. With the new fortification along the best edge and around the pumping openings it holds the shields and containers safely and far and away superior set up. It gives you flexibility to do different things while pumping.
With the new coordinated best hook the pumping bra permits less demanding speed up and gives greater security. The speed at the front makes it simple to put on the sans hands bustier and also take it off. You can wear it all alone or over your nursing bra or nursing top. You can locate the correct size by utilizing our pumping bra measure number cruncher. You! Lingerie
Better than ever item design and predominant quality .The exclusive Adaptive-Stretch TM innovation takes into consideration an incredible fit crosswise over numerous bodies writes and conveys outstanding solace, fit and support. Consistent development configuration combined with a twofold handle front board and single-employ back board gives expanded help to the whole bosom and bosom shields. Extend and recuperation is better finished a sewn article of clothing. Coordinated best hook takes into account less demanding speed up and security. Re-outlined ‘drop of life’ opening with fortified sewing gives added support to the bosom shield and the jug. Ultra-delicate nylon and spandex texture mix conveys better solace next than mum’s skin. Accessible in three distinct sizes (S, M, L) and two hues: highly contrasting


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