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You may find that you’re busting out of your bras when your milk comes in for breastfeeding so it’s a good idea to buy new nursing bras a couple of weeks before your due date. You will have a good idea of the size you’ll need and you’ll be prepared when baby arrives. You may find that once you’ve established a feeding routine in case if you continue with breastfeeding, and your body is basically backed to normal, you’ll need a smaller size.You! Lingerie

You can switch back to using the maternity bras as all of the maternity bras at you! Lingerie’s feature nursing capabilities. Here is a way to predict your cup size while buying them, all you do is take your pregnancy bra size, and then go 1 cup size up and 1 back size down. If you are wearing a 36D near the end of your pregnancy, you should opt for a 34DD for nursing. It should feel comfortably secure on the loosest setting when you try on your nursing bra towards the end of your pregnancy.  So that you can tighten it up over time as your body settles back to normal. Not all  maternity bras   underwear is machine washable.  Always read the instructions given on the label:

You can follow these directions to maintain them for longer:

  • Hand wash with cold water
  • If you choose to machine wash, setting it to a delicate cycle, hook the bra together and use a wash bag.
  • Dry your bra in the shade to avoid sun damage.
  • A selection of nursing tops including casual tanks & smarter shirts
  • Some comfortable nursing nightwear
  • A few stylish nursing dresses
  • An essential nursing shawl for discreet feeding on-the-go

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