You! Lingerie’s collection of sexy, stylish maternity and nursing bras

A bra that is the incorrect size could result in long-term sagging and or ligament damage and will not properly support you. So Invest in bras that are made from quality fabrics and trims. The elastics should not have too much give and should be firm. A good quality bra will often feel substantial to touch and have multiple layers. At You! Lingerie’s maternity and nursing bras sleep and loungewear is designed with the fashionista mommy in mind. There have many nursing bras available in the stock ranging from everyday basics, contour, soft cups to beautiful fashion bras. Purchase nursing bras that make you feel great and will work in with your lifestyle. Cheaper bras are made from inferior fabrics and trims and often after a few washes lose their elasticity and ability to support. Purchasing quality should mean that you would feel more comfortable and supported for longer.You! Lingerie
Our bodies are all different including our breast shape and form, and hence while choosing the bras remember these following tips.
– Who tend to be heavier at the base of the breast Plunge bras are wonderful for the smaller busted woman.

– Who have a rounder more even weight distribution in the breast Balcony styled bras is good for women.

– Full coverage bras are ideal for women who are larger in the bust.

Buying bras can often be a frustrating experience. You can buy from  for the best experience.


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