Best e liquid, Happy Tongue at VistaVapors.

E liquid  is the mixture used in vapor products such as electronic cigarettes and wholesale buying is always a boon. They are affordable because if you were to spend anywhere between $7- $12 on a pack of cigarettes being a chain smoker, then that could mean that you end up spending as much as $210-$360 a month, for a pack-a-day habit.  There is no harm in buying vape juice at the wholesale range, and if you fear that they may get spoiled, this is not the case here.  Moving on to vaping juice, this cost is greatly reduced as a good vape pen or the pack of e-cigs can cost up to $300.Mix Your Own Vape Juice

They have amazing packages which contain combo packs, to give your taste buds a vacation to Delicious-ville, this Happy Tongue is awesome. Here is what they contain:

  • Fiz Whiz: With a brain blast of blueberries and citrus fruits, give it a try.
  • Circus Ring: With a sweet candy finish, Circus Ring combines a variety of melon flavors enjoy this wonderful flavor.
  • Tropical Snowman: mellowed out with a gentle, creamy finish this snowman definitely knows what it means to chill out.
  • Perfect Peel: you can enjoy the Perfect peel Topping it off with freshly peeled banana and Combining delicious berries with sweet vanilla.

You can store them in the refrigerator and before using it bring it outside 30 minutes prior.  So make the best of the deals at


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